Millionpreneur's Oriental Master Code & Celestial Disc Investment Forecasting


We are engaged in educational, development and provider of investment solutions for financial markets.

Our Vision

We seek to be the premier choice among investors, to be credible and reputable partner to educate, equip and empower individuals to create wealth for and beyond themselves, and contributing to the wellness of the society through voluntarily charity giving.

Our Mission

  • Educate investors with proven and reliable investment methodology
  • Equip Investors with the right pathway to investment
  • Empower a community of investors in wealth creation

Our Values

  • Integrity: We demonstrate moral uprightness and courage, being consistent in words & works.
  • Accountability: We are obligated and demonstrate willingness to accept responsibility, and being held accountable for our words and works in becoming the best in who we are and what we do together.
  • Excellence: We shall be the best that we can be, seeking continuous improvement in all that we do.
  • Openness: We are willing to hear and consider or to accept and deal with one another in a sincere and mutually respectful environment.
  • Inspire: We are here to help each other to discover to express and expand our purpose, inspiring one another to making it a reality in our journey together.

Our Founder

He is the Founder of the Oriental Master Code™ technique, the NET.Profit™, Shadow.Profit™ philosophy & methodology, and the Celestial Forecasting Disc。

He has spent 2001-2004 researching the ancient eastern metaphysics, and soon transferred the knowledge of ancient Chinese wisdom to the financial markets. Today he has proven that great ancient wisdom can be applied to the worldwide financial markets with 95% accuracy.

With his powerful forecasting and trading techniques, David Yap has predicted with great accuracy the markets just before a big trend exist. This includes the 2006 extremely bullish trend forecast, 2007 2nd prime crisis, 2008 Sept Lehman brothers bond crisis and 2009 March bottom formation and thereafter a bullish rebound trend.

Today David has successfully trained & coached hundreds of individuals in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. He himself is a private money manager, active trader and an author too.